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Talking Hoosier History

Aug 1, 2017

Follow us through five scenes from the 165 year history of the Indiana State Fair. The curtain rises on the first fair in 1852, when farmers gathered to learn about the latest innovations and compete for prizes such as "best pair men's cowhide shoes." In scene two, we enter the sideshow tent and examine the Victorian moral controversy behind treating people with physical differences like objects. In scene three, we'll rush the stage to see The Beatles in 1964, during their only appearance in the Hoosier State. In scene four, we'll drool over Jessop's Butterscotch Corn and wonder at the young woman who built the business from the back of a wagon. And in scene five we'll walk through Hook's Drug Store Museum and learn about how this temporary exhibit became one of the most popular permanent features of the Indiana State Fair.

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